Gref urged not to repeat the mistakes of the past”

“Throughout our history we repeat the same steps – first hard drop, then getting up from his knees. he said. — We often hear calls for a monetary emission, let us state economy because private business does not work, he said and reminded that it was all over and sad”. Gref stressed that “we must learn lessons from history.”

He described 2015 as a turning point. “This transition of century IT in the age of digitalization,” said Gref. According to him, the ability to collect and analyze information becomes a large competitive advantage for companies worldwide.

Gref cited the example of us company Netflix, which he recently visited. “I wish I never went, because I felt a mammoth” — ironically Gref. According to him, if we say that data is the new oil, then it “company with the depth of processing 100%”.

The company, based on such data as user registration, time spent on the website, the selection of the films, evaluates the client’s profile and offer him the movies individually.

“We built of habits, and these habits migrate to the Internet, we are easy to count,” said Gref.

One of the listeners asked Gref question: “Your elephant is already dancing, don’t have time to teach a couple deft moves and our country?”. “I agree,” – said Gref.