Kudrin called the main condition for lifting the Russian economy from the “bottom”

According to the former Minister of Finance, Deputy Chairman of the Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin, the Russian economy begins to growth will remain “at the bottom” if the Russian authorities will resolutely carry out structural reform.

“You can say that “bottom” is passed — likely, probably, we are somewhere close to this definition are. But, unfortunately, because the old model of the economy developed, new one is not formed, even after the “bottom”, we will stay at this “bottom”, — Kudrin said in an interview in the TV program “Vesti on Saturday” (quoted by TASS)

Kudrin also said that the economy needs decisive action from the authorities. “It seems to me that our economy is now a specific determination is not enough. We delay important reforms. This will be the reason and postpone the start of economic growth, ” he says.

A day earlier, President Vladimir Putin said that the “bottom” of the crisis in the Russian economy can be considered passed in 2015. According to him, anti-crisis measures of the government has ensured the sustainability of the Russian economy, the country managed to save one of the world’s lowest external debt levels.

“Low unemployment rate — less than 6%, a moderate external debt — one of the lowest, and the trade surplus — $160 billion in 2015. The Bank of Russia on the introduction of the flexible exchange rate has allowed the economy to adapt and maintain a high level of foreign exchange reserves — may 1 it was $391,5 billion as a result — and it is recognized by the experts — the bottom of the crisis in 2015 can be considered passed,” — said Putin at the summit Russia — ASEAN in Sochi.