Rights holders “Friends” decided to sue the “United Russia”

The production company “Airplane”, which is the copyright of the animated series “Fixies”, is preparing to file a lawsuit against the Perm branch of “United Russia”. The reason for the lawsuit was the event held in one of the kindergartens of the city, where with the help of the heroes of the series campaigned for the “United Russia”. This is stated in the statement published on the website of the company.

The claim also going to file against the organizers of the event (management of a kindergarten № 286 of the city of Perm), which provided a platform for it.

“We are outraged by pirate, using our heroes for political purposes, and we consider it unacceptable to turn them into a means of propaganda for any political party. Little kids and projects for them to be outside politics,” contained in the company’s statement the words of the General Director of “Airplane” by Yulia Sofronova.

She noted that this is not the first case of copyright infringement when using cartoon characters in junk context”. “The appearance of cartoon characters in junk context is another aspect of copyright infringement that are constantly there are multiples and which do not usually attach much importance to law enforcement agencies,” said Sofronov.

“We are faced even with such absurd situations, when the regional branch of the traffic police who are themselves part of the law enforcement system, are constantly attracting to their events illegally animators in costumes of our characters. But if the explanation of the rules of road safety to children at least has a noble goal, it is political propaganda among children – just savagery,” – said General Director of “Airplane”.

About the event, which was held in Perm kindergarten, in the course of which dressed in the costumes of the heroes of the cartoon — peppa and Fixico — animators campaigned for candidates from the “United Russia”, Perm soobshili edition of “In the know”, having published the corresponding video.