In Germany, dramatically increased the number of potential terrorists

In Germany the number of people from whom we can expect terrorist attacks per year has increased from 270 to 497. This writes Die Welt, citing statistics of the Federal office for criminal matters (BKA).

Such people are called “troublemakers”. It is assumed that they can expect terrorist attacks at any time. In addition, the Agency has recorded and 339 people who sympathize with the terrorists are and their potential assistants.

Security authorities in Europe now say about the heightened threat of terrorism in connection with the forthcoming European Championship on football which will pass in France. The head of the French internal intelligence Patrick calvar said that “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) plans to launch attacks during the competition, thus trying to create an atmosphere of “maximum panic”. In addition, the fact that EURO 2016 is an attractive target for terrorists,” said Europol Director Rob Wainwright.

Four months in Europe saw two major terrorist attacks. On November 13 last year, the militants launched a series of attacks in Paris which killed 130 people. March 22, several explosions thundered in Brussels — where the victims of the attacks were 32 people. Responsibility for both attacks took on itself the “Islamic state”.