In the “United Russia” confirmed the bribery of voters in the primaries in Odintsovo

Several participants and organizers of the primaries of “United Russia” in the Moscow suburb of Odintsovo told to observe the course of voting to the correspondent that unknown people offer voters to vote for one of the candidates, the party member of power of Igor Ibysheva, for 200 rubles.

As told by one of the interviewees, Odintsovo retired, on Saturday, when she was walking the dog, to her and the other passersby were approached by an unfamiliar young people with the offer to 200 rbl. for a voice in support Ibysheva.

Indeed, one of the candidates in the primaries given a warning for bribery of voters, said a source in the leadership of the local branch of the party. “This issue [of bribery of voters in support Ibysheva] was imposed on the organizing Committee for conducting the primaries, the candidate Igor Ibysheva had made the remark that this type of propaganda are no longer used”, — said the source .

Ibishev — the party member “United Russia”, was nominated in the primaries in single-mandate district No. 122 in Odintsovo. Hearing the question of the bribery of voters, he put the phone down.

Just right to run from the “United Russia” are struggling in this district 16 candidates, including the Ombudsman for children’s rights in Moscow region the nonparty Oksana Pushkin.

Odintsovo single-mandate district No. 122 includes Odintsovo, Naro-Fominsk, Ruza, Mozhaisk districts and urban districts vlasikha, Zvenigorod, Krasnoznamensk and Youth. In this district, in particular, includes the village of Barvikha, where the decision of the CEC, municipal elections were cancelled after reports of numerous violations.

After the scandal to canceled elections in Barvikha on all parts of the Odintsovo district, local branch of the party decided to install a webcam, said Secretary of the local branch Andrey Ivanov. Stream from the cameras goes into a single information center in Odintsovo.

According to Ivanov, only 54 were installed cameras at 27 stations in the stations and on the approach to them. Camera rented, the total expenditure of the local branch of the party amounted to 54 thousand RUB From official comments on the incident with Ibysheva Ivanov refused.