In the United States announced the likely destruction of the leader of the Taliban

As informs Agency Reuters referring to the representative of the American authorities, as a result of drone attacks on Pakistani territory were probably killed by the leader of the Afghan Taliban (not a terrorist organization) Mullah Akhtar Mansur and another gunman.

A spokesman said that the strike was about midnight. Several drones were focused on a car which moved on the territory of Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan.

According to him, a drone strike was authorized by President Barack Obama.

Akhtar Mansur was elected leader of the Taliban in July 2015 after the extremists confirmed the death of its founder, Mullah Omar.

Mansur was in the international wanted list. According to the UN, in 2000-e years he was in prison in Pakistan, and in 2006 returned to Afghanistan, where he held the position of Governor of Kandahar province and at the same time organized drug trafficking in three Afghan provinces.

Some time Mansur was the head of the so-called Ministry of civil aviation in the Taliban-controlled part of Afghanistan, and after the destruction of most of the leaders of the organization became the de facto Deputy to Omar. The New York Times pointed out that it was he who oversaw the peace talks with the current government of Afghanistan, but later knew personally, Mansour said that in the negotiations it was not.

December 28, the British newspaper Sunday Times has published material that allegedly Mansour met last year with President of Russia Vladimir Putin and asked for his help with arms and money. The Russian foreign Ministry reports about the contacts of the head of the Russian government with Mansour as “absurd notions of unscrupulous journalists and analysts.