Media reported about the failure in a software system, on

A glitch in the software system of the Federal tax service (FNS) has led to the fact that some Russians already during half a year can not return incorrect taxes paid. About this Business FM reports, citing the story of the victim because of problems Muscovite.

A resident of Moscow named Daria told the station that in September she paid for her husband’s taxes in the amount of 17 thousand rubles, but then realized that was a mistake — to pay taxes for other people impossible. After that she several times referred to FNS to return the money.

In March, Daria submitted to the service a written request, and after a month I called the office. In response she was told that the money were found”, however, on can not translate them because of a failure in the system, which does not allow to return improperly or excessively paid taxes. On the question of when the problem will be eliminated, FNS responded “any day now”.

May 18, Muscovite re-turned to the office. In response, she reiterated that money cannot be transferred due to an outage. Daria said that FNS is aware of the problem, which lasts for five months. “Since December we are anxious to hear the updates are coming every week, but the updates this problem was not” — quoted a resident of Moscow representative of the tax service.

Business FM contacted on for an explanation. In conversation with radio station service has confirmed the fact of failure, but explained that he has already been removed. As follows from the explanation of the Ministry, in December last year, tax authorities were passed on to new software. During this there were local failures that did not allow us to conduct operations on the refund. The FTS stressed that taxpayers this was informed through a personal account. Now the system is operating normally, said the Agency.

“The problem specified in the address, is local and may be related to poor performance of duties of individual employees,” said in on the question of journalists about why some Russians faced difficulties when returning incorrectly paid taxes.

Interviewed by the radio station’s lawyers expressed the view that for ordinary employees, there are restrictions on extrajudicial ages. They are following the orders of the management, do not want to take responsibility for such decisions. Business FM reports, at the tax office to resolve such issues, was advised to go to a higher authority — the territorial management office or the organization itself.

As he wrote , in March of last year in the FNS system failed, which led to delays in registration of entrepreneurs and companies across the country. Then his reason was the introduction of a new program-technical complex “Nalog-3” cost a little less than 5 billion rubles.