The observer in the primaries “United Russia” in the Sakhalin reported the attack

Observer Anna Petrova, representing the primaries of “United Russia” candidate in mayors of the Makarov And Evgeny, told the publication that was beaten at the company “the Fisherman” for trying to fix compulsory voting.

On Sunday morning she went to the company due to the fact that there took out the trash, explaining that “people are working in continuous mode” and “can’t come to the sites, and I want to vote”, said Petrov. In this case the primaries-site voting not assume, notes

“As we approached the plant, I saw a crowd of people who came to the plant, that is, people were going out of town, they were not at the plant”, — told the observer, adding that he began to photograph these people, who, in her opinion, “has led to support of the current mayor [of Andrew. —] Kraskivs’ke”.

After that she went to the head of the enterprise Valery Safronov. “Safronov grabbed me by the neck and began to choke, I broke away and ran. Now I wrote a statement to the police, then goes to take a beating. I was threatened that I would suffer for publicity,” said Petrov.

Previously a branch of “United Russia” in Primorye reported more than 50 complaints of candidates who participate in the primaries of the party in the region. In particular, in the party said that to the audit Commission in Plastun settlement in Terneisky district of the counting Commission “raided two dozen men and tried to get the Commission to work in favor of one of candidates” (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

“When this failed, the raiders said that they will burn the station together with the ballot box and the people”, — told in the “United Russia”, adding, in the end, for safekeeping the ballot box, accompanied by police and observers evacuated from the building and returned to the place only when the “threat has passed”. To the area called the police.