Ukraine has threatened to close the entrance to Gorbachev, after the words about Crimea

Ukraine will seek close the path to Europe the last President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev after he called Putin the right decision about the annexation of Crimea, said in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” the Advisor to the interior Minister, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashenko.

“In such cases, the SBU adopts the decision to ban entry to persons who support the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. However, I do not recall that they came in last time he was here to do nothing. Also by diplomatic means, we will appeal to European partners that it is not accepted in Europe, and funded his Foundation, which helps to stir up hatred between Russia and Ukraine”, — he promised.

Gorbachev called the right decision the annexation of Crimea earlier in an interview with The Sunday Times. He noted that he would have done exactly the same as President Putin, if he were in a similar situation. “I’m always for the free will of the people, and the majority in the Crimea want to reunite with Russia”, — said Gorbachev.

Journalist The Sunday at the same Time doubted that Gorbachev would have taken this step, noting that he contributed to the fall of the Berlin wall. “The only real reason I wouldn’t do it if I was still in power, the Soviet Union existed and the Crimea would be part of it”, — said the former President of the USSR.

This is not the first case when Gorbachev called for the annexation of Crimea. “I said, approve of [the annexation of Crimea to Russia], because the people, the Crimean people voted almost unanimously in favour. And voted. I did not expect even that so that’s already ripe,” — said the politician informed.