A childhood friend of Chemezov was a major shareholder in KAMAZ

President, Vi Holding Vitaly Musicki was a co-owner of KAMAZ, told “Vedomosti” two people close to “Rostechnadzor” and the minority shareholder of KAMAZ, the founder of “Troika dialogue” Ruben Vardanyan. This information was confirmed by the representative Medicago.

According to the calculations of the newspaper, Musicki control of 11.77% of KAMAZ. It is the third largest after the package of Rostec (49.9 percent) and Daimler (15%).

Now among the largest shareholders of KAMAZ, in addition to Rostec and Daimler, with a share of 23.54% includes Cyprus company Avtoinvest Limited, the beneficiaries of which have never been revealed. This company is mentioned in the published investigative journalists documents of the company Mossack Fonseca, also known as “Panamanian archive”. As follows from these data, in 2007, the “Troika dialog”, which owned 27% of KAMAZ, transferred all rights to manage the company Avtoinvest Ltd. (ran the stock KAMAZ) offshore company Avto Holdings Ltd. It was stated that in 2008, 15% of this offshore company for $1.5 million acquired company Sonnette Overseas, owned by childhood friend President Vladimir Putin, cellist Sergey Roldugin. Sonnette Overseas entered into joint agreement with other owners Avto Holdings, which was a ten-year option to purchase 100% of Avtoinvest for just $100 thousand, but in 2014, a shareholders ‘ agreement was terminated, wrote investigative journalists.

The names of beneficiaries in Avtoinvest “Panamanian archive” no. However, in an interview with “Vedomosti” close to the people Vardanyan claims that there were three of them, and Roldugin one of them never entered. According to the source, the current share of Avtoinvest is transferred to Russian jurisdiction. In the SPARK database edition found registered in October of 2015 OOO “Avtoinvest”: 30% of the company belongs to General Director of KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin, 50% — was registered in Belize Pearson holding limited” and 20% “noelia holdings (British virgin Islands).

Two source of the newspaper close to Vardanyan and Rostec, said that OOO “Avtoinvest” will receive from Avtoinvest of 23.54% stake in KAMAZ. The beneficiaries and their shares will not change. Familiar Vardanyan said that the beneficiary “Noelia” is the founder of “Troika dialogue”. “Pearson”, according to him, belongs Masectomy. These data are confirmed close to “Rostechnadzor” the interlocutor of the newspaper.

On the basis of the allocation of shares turns out that the President Vi Holding control of 11.77% of KAMAZ, Vardanyan – 4.7% and the Kogogin is just over 7%. General Director of KAMAZ said earlier that controls the “more than 5%” of the company.

The representative Musictogo told the newspaper that in 2000-ies the businessman as a portfolio investor bought through the “Troika dialog” shares of various companies, including KAMAZ and AVTOVAZ. AVTOVAZ paper he sold, and here KAMAZ — no.

As previously mentioned , Musicki, member of the Russian Forbes list (165-th place, as the $0.5 billion) and a former oil tycoon, childhood friends with the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov. Masecki chairs the boards of Directors of several structures of the Corporation, and he founded the Vi Holding is developing joint projects with the Corporation.