In the state Duma, said the additional indexation of pensions

Postponed to autumn

The question of doindeksatsii pensions in 2016 “quietly considering” the new composition of the Duma in October, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget Andrey Makarov. Doindeksatsii of pensions is a question of amendments to the budget, which MPs will consider in the fall, said another source close to the leadership of the state Duma.

The decision (on doindeksatsii. — ) is accepted by the law, whatever the decision may be, it must be in the form of amendments to the budget law and the law on Pension Fund, confirmed by the first Deputy Minister of Finance Tatyana Nesterenko. Earlier, the government decided not to amend the budget for 2016 in the spring session of the Duma, leaving all the adjustment to fall. Thus, the question of doindeksatsii of pensions has been postponed to autumn, I agree Nesterenko. If so, then the very doindeksatsii of pensions will be held only in November, said another government official.

In 2016 the Russians pensions were indexed by only 4%, which is three times lower than the actual inflation 2015 (12.9%, according to Rosstat). According to the law on budget authorities should take a decision on additional indexation of pensions in the first half, which ends in late June. But the data about the budget execution in the first half will go to the government, the earlier in August, and most likely — in September, the Duma said the source .

Previously, several Federal officials said that the issue of doindeksatsii of pensions was planned to be resolved before the September elections of the state Duma. Discussed, in particular the holding of doindeksatsii in August and September, said the interlocutors . It would have given United Russia the ability to use decision doindeksatsii as one of the trumps in the elections, and argued the Federal official.

Without the participation of deputies

Despite the statements of MPs and officials, it cannot be excluded that the government will take a decision on holding of doindeksatsii by the end of summer, before the election of the new Duma, says a source close to the social block of the government.

The Duma since the end of June until the second half of the September plenary meetings, no plans, until the beginning of August, the deputies will work with voters and to prepare for the election campaign, and then, until the election of a new Duma on 18 September, the chamber will be on vacation. But in the near future the government should be able to change the budget without the participation of deputies.

Such a law, sponsored by Makarov, a Duma adopted in the end of last week. If the document is approved by the Federation Council and then President, it will be valid until the beginning of November and will formally give the government the right to own the decision to hold doindeksatsii and pensions, confirms a source close to the leadership of the Duma.

But the government won’t do that, he says: such was the agreement between the deputies and the government. Nesterenko also said about the agreement with the Parliament on the procedure and timing of making decisions on doindeksatsii.

Full deindexation of pensions (for inflation in 2015), starting in September requires a 130 billion rubles, said a source in the government. Indexation from November will be much cheaper, says Federal official: in fact, the budget 2015 will need more money only for two months instead of four.

Three options

The question of doindeksatsii pensions was actively discussed in the government in the spring, the last meeting on this topic took place in mid-April, reported . Then we discussed three variants of carrying out of doindeksatsii, reported the meeting. Social unit insisted on full indexation (8.6%, almost to the level of inflation in 2015), the Finance Ministry has proposed to partially condicionat pension — only 4%.

In addition, we discussed the option of replacing doindeksatsii lump-sum payment, confirmed to journalists the Vice-Premier Olga Golodets. But replacing indexation of lump-sum payment will create a systemic problem: the payment will not increase base to the new indexation of pensions in spring 2017, pointed a Federal official.

The departments since then has not changed, but the decisions on indexation, the size and timing of the country’s leadership have not yet been adopted, said a Federal official. “Now there is no decision,” confirmed the representative Golodets.