In the UK stopped working the last tobacco factory

Located in the County of Nottingham tobacco factory, owned by Imperial Tobacco, stopped work, informs Bi-bi-si. It was the last company to manufacture cigarettes in the UK.

The publication notes that Imperial Tobacco gradually moving their factories to countries with cheaper labor. According to the company, the transfer of production to Germany and Poland will enhance the company’s revenue of £320 million ($464,2 million).

Factory in Nottingham was built in 1972, on the sale, the company announced a few months ago. At peak production it produced 52 billion cigarettes a year. According to Union representative Chris Needham sent me, since then, the demand for cigarettes in Britain have fallen greatly. “The decline in production, and one of the factors here — the negative attitude towards Smoking in society,” he said.

“Now they [the tobacco company] targeting Asian markets, where social rejection of Smoking not so much. Iraq, Syria, Russia, China — I am confident that these markets will focus Imperial Tobacco”, — he explained.