Most in the TFR earned the wife of the Colonel of Tatarstan

Wife of investigators

Most of the employees of the RCDS and their families gets the wife of the Deputy head of the administration of Tatarstan, the Colonel of justice of Ruslan Zalyaliev, should be published the income Declaration. In 2015, she declared that 23.6 million RUB She also owns Mercedes GLK 220 and two apartments with a total area 260,6 sq. m. In 2014, she declared that 19.2 million RUB Her name in the Declaration not given.

The wives of the staff of the Investigative Committee also occupy third and fifth place by revenues among all investigators and members of their families. The wife of the head of management of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko earned 14.6 million rubles., and wife of the senior investigator for particularly important cases of Sigmund Logica 12.3 million RUB; sales profit went up her Declaration disappeared the apartment has an area of 63,7 sq. m declared a year earlier.

Logic, gained notoriety in 2008: then he became one of the initiators verify management performance Dmitry Dovgy, at that time the head of the Main investigation Department of the TFR. Subsequently, the official was convicted of receiving a large bribe. Logic also investigated high-profile cases such as the terrorist attack in “the Nevsky Express explosion, arranged by a suicide bomber in Domodedovo, and also the assassination of the head of the Samara regional court Lyubov Drozdova. Now, Logic deals with the case of the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer.

The richest investigators

Among the investigators are more all in 2015 received the Deputy head of the TFR in the Perm Dmitry Anashchenko. He earned 15.6 million rubles — almost 6 million rubles more than in 2014. In second place is the head of the RCDS Alexander Sergeyev Belgorod. He earned 12.7 million rubles — 4 times more compared to 2014. From his Declaration disappeared two land plots with a total area of 1695 sq. m and building (107,2 sqm).

In third place — the head of the Crimean SK Mikhail Nazarov, who declared nearly 11 million RUB His Declaration has undergone significant changes: from the three sections he has only one; also from the document is missing one apartment of 121,6 sq. m. area

Overall, six of the investigators or their spouses income exceeded 10 million rubles.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin in 2015 earned 8.4 million rubles (890 thousand rubles more than in 2014). In his Declaration is no longer the garden area of 257,4 sq. m. the Wife of the head of the RCDS indicated as income of 3.9 million roubles that in 2 times more in comparison with the previous period.

Deputy Bastrykin, the head of the main military investigation Department Alexander Sorochkin in 2015 earned 5.9 million RUB In his Declaration appeared two plots with a total area of 3186 sq. m.

Igor Krasnov, who conducted the case about the murder of Boris Nemtsov, has earned 2,5 million roubles In may 2015 Krasnov headed a new structure, the Investigative Committee, which includes the best Agency staff. A division was made of the number of investigators under the Chairman of the TFR. Most of them have the rank of General. 30 April 2016 Krasnov became Deputy Chairman of the RCDS.

The largest real estate

The biggest area among the 459 managers TFR, reporting on income, belongs to the Deputy head of the North Caucasian TFR Michael Lamonova. As follows from the Declaration, declared nearly Limonov of 15.8 sq. km of land. The wife of the Deputy head of the investigation Department in Buryatia Sergey Bazarov is the biggest Parking space — more than 1.5 ha. the biggest house is owned by the Deputy head of the TFR in the Yamal-Nenets district Vitaly Kondratenko — 1684,7 sq. m. the largest apartment owned by the wife of the head of the Investigative Committee of the Saratov Nikolay Nikitin — 420,9 sq. m.

Foreign real estate, owned or used by members of the Investigative Committee and members of their families, mainly located in the CIS countries — Ukraine, Transnistria and Kazakhstan. For example, the wife of the first Deputy head of the personnel Department SKR of Andrey Radchenko owns a house, land and apartment in Ukraine. The exception is the spouse of the Deputy head of the Altai TFR Igor Turutina: she has two apartments in Spain — each with an area of 53 sq. m.

Also employees SKR have declared three snegourotchka, two truck tractors MAN TGA, eight motor boats and one tractor.