Stoltenberg promised “breakthrough” at the NATO summit in Warsaw

During the NATO summit in Warsaw, which will be held on July 8-9, will be adopted here, the key and final decisions on how to adapt to the new situation in the field of security, including “the aggressive policy of Russia”, said the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg in his interview to “Radio Poland”.

“Strengthening the Eastern flank of NATO is a response to new challenges facing the Alliance, including, on the aggressive policy of Russia”, — said Stoltenberg. “For us it is important to prevent the outbreak of war. If we are strong and steadfast, if we work together, we scare a potential enemy, he won’t even think about to attack any of the NATO members,” — said the NATO Secretary General.

He said that some allies — the United States, Britain and Germany — have already announced that they will be in the forefront of strengthening these forces.

“We decided that this will be a multinational presence of NATO forces. Some allies, namely the US, UK and Germany, have already declared the willingness to strengthen the Eastern flank. However, there are still many details that need to reach an agreement, we are faced with many decisions yet to make. We’re talking about this with our military strategists, specialists. Final decisions will be made at the NATO summit, which will be held in Warsaw”, — he explained.