The Bank Mikhail Prokhorov has lost 20% of depositors

In April, the outflow of retail deposits in the Bank, “IFC” was nearly 20%, from the Russian statements of the Bank on may 1, 2016. On may 1, private investors held on accounts and deposits in the Bank 40.3 billion RUB compared to RUB 50.2 bn at the beginning of April. Funds of corporate clients in April, virtually unchanged, as of may 1 it amounted to 18 billion rubles.

expects from the press service “IFC” response to the question about the causes of the outflow.

The outflow of deposits coincided with the searches that the police conducted in the companies of Michael Prokhorov. April 14, the FSB and tax authorities came to the head office of his group “ONEKSIM” on Tverskoy Boulevard. They also checked and other companies controlled by the oligarch: the power company “Quadra-power generation”, banks, MFK and “the Renaissance the Credit” the Renaissance the Capital” and insurance company “Consent”. FSB and FTS did not come with checks only in media-holding”. The next day the FSB issued an official message in which they stated that the searches Prokhorov in the companies connected with the criminal case on the Bank “Taurian” (located on the reorganization at IFC). The searches in the Bank, the IFC associated with the criminal case against the former shareholders of Bank “Taurian” and are not related to the current activities of the Bank, announced at the same MFK.

“IFC” rated took 80th place in terms of assets, which on may 1 amounted to RUB 77.7 bn. the Main part of Bank assets is loans to companies (48.3 billion rubles). The Bank does Fund mainly at the expense of means of private investors, but most of these funds are not “deposits off the street”, and big money clients. A source close to the Bank said that most of the deposits are open in the amount of 5 million rubles.

Directly and through Prokhorov “ONEXIM” owns 47,45% of shares of “IFC”.