The husband of Maria Maksakova found offshore in the virgin Islands

The offshore Communist

In the database on beneficiaries of foreign offshore companies, published by the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) following the leaking of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, is a full namesake of the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist Denis Boronenkov.

Mr. Denis Voronenkov is found in the database twice. The name of the company registered Real Estates Tarrington S. A. (established in 2009) and Kaul Engineering Ltd (established in 2007), both in the British virgin Islands. The first company listed as the current (base current until 2015), the second ceased to exist in 2012.

In both cases, Mr. Denis Voronenkov is specified the same address on Udaltsova street in Moscow. Now, according to the USRR, the apartment with this address does not exist, because in July 2001 its owners merged it with the neighboring. The owners of the apartment before the merger was Voronenkov Denis Nikolaevich (full namesake of the Deputy), Boronenkov Yulia Alexandrovna (according to “Газеты.Ru the ex-wife Boronenkov name was Julia) and Voronenkov Nikolai Denisovich. The combined apartment with double address Voronenkov have so far, it follows from extracts EGRP.

The co-owner of operating company Tarrington Real Estates S. A Mr set. Alexander Plotnikov. In October 2008, a man named Alexander Plotnikov bought an apartment with an area 446,6 sq. m at Tverskaya, 28, from the data EGRP. In may 2009, half of the apartment was given to Voronenkov Nikolai Denisovich. In the Declaration of the Deputy Boronenkov for 2015 from one of his minors is in the ownership of the apartment in the same area.

In may 2013 entered into force a law that forbade officials, deputies, judges and military to have foreign assets and foreign Bank accounts. At the closing of the accounts was given three months. The ban also applies to wives and minor children of officials and security forces. According to the law on status of Deputy powers of the Deputy early termination in the case of foreign management companies.

Denis Voronenkov became a member in 2011, is a member of the Committee for security and combating corruption. In 2015 Voronenkov married the Deputy-the United Russia, singer Maria Maksakova. “I have not seen any documents with my personal data, signature. The President’s press Secretary said it was all [“Panama records”] lies and the machinations of the intelligence services of the West. I have no offshore, it’s all nonsense,” said Voronenkov. He said he was not familiar with Plotnikov, demanded “not to build a hypothetical connection” and hung up. The information he linked with the campaign.

The validation provided by members of the information about income holds a special Commission. Deputy Chairman of the Commission on control over reliability of data on incomes Vladimir Pozdnyakov said that to initiate a review by appeal to the Chairman of the state Duma can the head of media, Chairman of the political party or law enforcement agencies. After that, the President takes a decision to charge a fee to inspect or not. The representative of the Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, state Duma Deputy Alexander Yushchenko said that information about the offshore Boronenkov need confirmation, so yet to comment on her faction will not. “In addition, information from “Panama records” somewhere true, somewhere is wrong, biased and has custom-made character”, — said Yushchenko.


Name Boronenkov, among others, found the staff of the “transparency international Russia”, which began to study the names and relationships of people mentioned in the database offshore. To find appearing in the lists of Russians, experts held a so-called operaton is an open event, where a few dozen studied data base, said Deputy Director of the center for Ilya Shumanov. Following the event, “transparency” has compiled a list of 39 names that coincide with names of officials, managers of state corporations and businessmen. The study is available .

After the publication of “the Panama archive” in the ICIJ database contains information about 6285 Russian legal and physical persons related to 11 516 offshore companies. According to Shamanova, they just counted 3,900 companies, which may be associated with the Russian citizens, and activists managed to check approximately 10% of the companies mentioned in the database and associated with Russia.

The names of several people from the list of “transparency” coincide with the names of officials and deputies. Registered them offshore were specified as valid after the entry into force of the law banning ownership of foreign accounts.

So, “transparency” found in the base of the man named Ahmet Palankoev. He has registered several companies: Belgorni Limited, which existed from 2005 to November 2015, Logiteck Management S. A., which, according to the database of documents, lasted until 2014. The status of another company, Pomoretan Limited, listed as “current” (the base is designated as relevant in 2015). Ahmet Palankov is a member of the Federation Council from Ingushetia in 2010. morning passed questions the Senator’s assistant, but has not yet received a response.

Mr. Sergey Kalashnik, write in “transparency”, is the ultimate owner of Nartimer Investments Limited, which is owned by ZAO “Kostroma plant of automotive components”. The owner of this plant — the Deputy of Kostroma regional Duma Sergey Kalashnikov. According to the database offshore was closed in 2014. Sergey Kalashnikov has confirmed that he owns this offshore. He noted, however, that is the Deputy of regional Duma on a temporary basis, so the law does not forbid him to have foreign assets.

In the near future, transparency international will hold a second operaton search of famous Russians, said Schumann.

“Transparency” also draws attention to the Russians by the name of Yury Stavitskiy, in whose name from 1998 to 2014 in the virgin Islands was registered offshore Asante Trade & Finance S. A. the Researchers “transparency” found two people named Yuri Stavitsky — both military. The first is the chief of the engineering troops of Russia, Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitskaya. In 2016, he oversaw the clearance of Palmyra. Second Yury Stavitsky, which found the researchers base, fired in 2000 in a reserve Lieutenant Colonel. According USRR, apartment pioneer travel, specified in the “Panamanian documents” as the place of registration of Yury Stavitsky, owns Stavitsky, Yuri Ivanovich. also sent a request to the defense Ministry, awaiting a response.

With the participation of Anton Baev, Ilya Rozhdestvensky, Elizabeth Antonova, Maria Makutenas, Dmitry Filonov