The lawyer explained the mention of Putin in the lawsuit about the crash Boeing in the Donbass

Lawyer Jerry Skinner is representing the interests of relatives of victims of the crash of flight MH17, said that the lawsuit pointed to Russia as the defendant of its President, Vladimir Putin, as he has control over the state and thus responsible for his actions. “Nothing in Russia happens without his approval, so he bears indirect responsibility”, — said the lawyer in an interview with Reuters.

On submission of the claim to Russia in the European court of human rights on behalf of the 33 relatives of the 16 victims of the crash said the Australian legal company LHD Lawyers. Each of the plaintiffs, having citizenship of Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand, seeks compensation in the amount of $10 million Thus the total amount of the claim is $330 million.

According to Skinner, who leads the Financial Times the lawsuit contains “almost 2 thousand pages of documentary evidence that show the presence of Russian and Russian heavy weapons”. The lawyer explained that there are photos, witnesses, videos, and geolocation data that tie that presence to the area from which the rocket was fired.

In an interview with Reuters Skinner said: “There are all necessary materials, and even without the Russian data, I can confidently say that this event happened because of the Russians.”

According to the lawyer, the total amount of the claim is more than 3500 pages. He noted that the response from the court on acceptance of the claim for consideration has not yet been received, reports According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the lawsuit was filed on may 9.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on Monday reports about the lawsuit, said that such a document does not legally exist. “The claim becomes the claim in the moment when it is accepted for consideration by the court and when the court informs the party or the country to which he is exposed, and the court first decides, whether it will even consider the appeal or it has no prospects”, — he said. also mentions about another lawsuit on the case about the crash of MH17, which will be forwarded to the Federal court of Australia in the coming weeks. It will be submitted to Malaysia Airlines law firm Carneys’ Lawyers on behalf of seven families having kinship with the victims of the crash.

The airline, in this case blame the fact that she didn’t appreciate properly the risks of flying over war zone in Eastern Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines says he acted in accordance with the instructions of the International civil aviation organization on 17 July 2014 — the date of the crash.

The Boeing 777 Malaysian carrier on route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in Eastern Ukraine in the period of exacerbation of the struggle between local militias and the Ukrainian army. The crash killed 298 people aboard, including 28 Australians. Most of the victims were Dutch.

In the report of the security Council of the Netherlands, conducting a formal investigation, as the cause of the catastrophe was called getting into a plane missiles fired from the Buk missile system. The manufacturer of this weapon, the Russian company “Almaz-Antey”, after the publication of the Dutch report stated that the international investigators have incorrectly interpreted the area of the missile launch. In the message of the group said that the result of the experiment, the Dutch version was refuted.

American lawyer Jerry Skinner, aviation law and engaged in protecting the interests of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit LHD, previously represented in a similar lawsuit relatives of the victims in the explosion of flight 103 of Pan Am in 1988 over the Scottish village of Lockerbie. He filed a lawsuit against the government of Libya, which the security services staged the attack, at the rate of $10 million for each of the 270 victims and won the case.

According to the profile LHD Lawyers in the social network LinkedIn, the company was founded in 1990 and is based in Sydney. It provides services on legal support of lawsuits arising from incidents involving vehicles, civil liability, negligence, and also with the payment of pensions and compensations.

At the time of publication the company’s official website was not available.