The United States lifted the arms embargo against Vietnam

“We have adopted changes will be able to provide for Vietnam’s access to the equipment necessary to protect their country,” Obama said. According to him, the arms embargo remained a relic, a relic of the cold war.

The embargo on arms to Vietnam, the United States introduced in 1984, nine years after the end of the country’s Civil war. States supported South Vietnam was defeated in 1975 a complete defeat and was annexed by Communist North Vietnam.

After another 11 years, in 1995, the U.S. and Vietnam established diplomatic relations. This provoked the first discussion of the necessity to lift the embargo, particularly in the context of the growing cooperation between the two countries on issues of nuclear non-proliferation, fight against terrorism and other things. Washington has officially committed itself to the lifting of the embargo in October 2014.

His speech in Hanoi Obama finalized the process of removing the embargo. The President of the United States is in Vietnam in the framework of a week-long tour of the countries of East Asia.