For support of veterans of operations in Syria has offered to give a billion rubles

Tuesday night in the Duma database of draft laws published a draft of amendments to the law “On veterans”, introducing of which in the lower house of Parliament, the government announced on 23 may.

The Russian operation in Syria, it is proposed to amend the list of military conflicts involving the Russian military. Due to this participated in the campaign, soldiers will be able to enjoy a number of privileges and social benefits, stated in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill.

According to the law “About veterans” to veterans of the action, entered in the list, supposed to increase the pensions for years of service. They are also entitled to compensation of expenses on payment of housing, maintaining health care, advantages of using the services of institution of communication when purchasing tickets.

Also, the budget will be allocated for the improvement of living conditions of veterans, said in the explanatory note to the bill. The money will be spent from the budget of the defense Ministry and the FSB. According to the financial-economic justification of the draft law for this purpose the military Department is required 942,8 million rubles., and FSB — 25 million rubles.

As of late October, two sources close to the defense Ministry, reported that the number of troops in Syria is 1600 people. In November, the Agency Reuters citing its own sources wrote that the Russian contingent in Syria was increased to 4 thousand people. The defense Ministry official, the number of combatants did not call.

For the first 167 days of the military campaign in Syria spent not less than 38 billion rubles, follows from the calculations . The cost of personnel amounted to a small part of the overall cost — 800 million rubles, President Vladimir Putin said that the cost of the operation amounted to 33 billion rubles.

The bill would create the veterans of the fighting in Syria conditions, providing them “a dignified life, active, honor and respect in society”, stated in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill. The state Duma to quickly pass the bill, said on Tuesday to journalists by the Chairman of the relevant Committee on labor and veterans ‘ Affairs Olga batalina.