In Rome arrested an alleged agent of the Russian special services”

Italian police and intelligence services of Portugal detained the employee of intelligence services of Portugal, who tried to pass the “Russian agent” secret information concerning the activities of NATO and the EU, reported in its press release, the police of Portugal. The detainee was identified as Federico Carvalho, writes the Telegraph.

According to the newspaper, Carvalho — Service of information and security of Portugal (port. Serviço de Informações de Segurança, SIS), which is responsible for internal security, prevention of terrorism and counterintelligence. He was caught red-handed, the newspaper said. In the past, he headed one of the departments of SIS, but was later transferred to the Department of information analysis.

According to preliminary information, Carvalho allegedly passed the documents to the employee of the Russian special services” at least in 2014 and was in development for counterintelligence SIS. For each passed the Moscow document, Carvalho received €10 thousand

Last Friday, Carvalho flew to Rome from Portugal to Saturday to meet with his Russian contact. “The employee of the Russian intelligence”, which meant the documents was not in possession of diplomatic documents, so he was also arrested, reports the Telegraph.

“As a result of brilliant coordination between prosecutors, criminal police and SIS, as well as international cooperation with the Italian authorities in Rome have arrested two men who are accused of espionage, corruption and the violation of the legislation on the state secret”, — stated in a press release.

This “important and difficult” operation was the result of the investigation, which began in 2015, once the employee SIS was suspected that he was recruited by foreign intelligence service to obtain secret information,” reads the press release. In the house, Carvalho in Lisbon the Portuguese security services seized an unspecified amount of cash. SIS has previously imposed a disciplinary sanction on the employee, according to the Telegraph. Previously, Carvalho was in a relationship with several women from Eastern Europe and Russia.

In Moscow has not commented on media reports about the “employee of the Russian intelligence” in Rome.

With the participation of George Peremitina