Kudrin said the main task of the economic Council under Putin

The main task of the economic Council under the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the near future will be the determination of the diagnosis of the Russian economy, said the head of the working group of economic Council, ex-Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin. According to him, the next step is to define the basic directions for the recovery of economic growth.

“I see the main task of the meeting to be the President [may 25], and that meeting, which was today, to determine the diagnosis: what is the main obstacle for economic growth. Hence we can identify the main directions of our steps to lift economic growth,” said Kudrin to journalists following the meeting of the working group of the economic Council (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Ex-Finance Minister also said, to summarize the main outcome of the group is given “about a year”. According to him, such an order “came from the President.” “Can’t speak about the final list of proposals — ed.) we today are only beginning,” — said Kudrin.

He said that at the meeting on may 23 discussed the question of the role of institutions in economic growth and monetary growth, monetary policy”. In addition, the participants of the meeting, according to Kudrin, discussed “for the sake of growth” (“sustainable and long-term” or “short-term and unsustainable”) will be carried out appropriate measures. “We discussed whether or not only growth, its value is our goal. First and foremost, and social well-being, which in the course of reforms should not be harmed. <…> We must always see positive goals and positive results for the population in the relevant structural reforms”, — said the head of the working group of the economic Council.

According to Kudrin, at today’s meeting was attended by the developers of the strategy-2030. He said that the timing for the work on this strategy also migrated “about a year”. “We can get our policy documents,” — said the former Minister.

“Today we have just started a serious conversation. I would caution to say today that we are ready to present the final plan, and especially to do it at the Presidium of the economic Council under the President. The economic Council is resumed, and it will not come all ready with the answers to the questions”, — said Kudrin.

Informed about the nature of the proposals that different departments are preparing for the meeting with Putin, which will be held on may 25, announced, in particular, “Vedomosti”. According to the newspaper, the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin has prepared a presentation, which stated that the task to reach the average annual economic growth rate of 4% is achievable taking into account the implementation of the whole complex of measures. CSR also suggested, in particular, to make changes in the judicial and law enforcement systems, to carry out pension reform to reduce the share of government in the economy.

The office of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, in turn, proposed to create a budgetary infrastructure funds to co-Finance investment projects at the expense of future tax revenue from them.

As previously mentioned, may 25, the Kremlin’s business Ombudsman Boris Titov and his colleagues will present at the meeting, the program “Economics of growth”. In particular, Titova supporters believe that the program will allow you over a decade to bring Russia into a world leader in several economic indicators.