Protection of the accused in the murder Nemtsov did not find evidence of guilt

Familiarization with the case

Protection of the accused in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov Khamzat Bagaeva demanded to stop the prosecution. This was stated by the counsel for the accused Zaurbek Sadaharu.

The lawyer said that on Monday he and his principal has completed familiarization with all 65 volumes of the criminal case and signed a corresponding Protocol. In it, the defender demanded to stop the persecution Bagaeva “in connection with his innocence”.

“We have studied all the case materials, they contain no evidence of the involvement of Bagaeva,” said Sadaharu.

Now the consequence in the near future will have to make a decision on their petition, the lawyer specifies. But if they be denied, the Bahai will request that a criminal case was considered by the jury, said Sadaharu.

All the remaining accused and their lawyers still continue to get acquainted with the case.

As has told a source familiar with the investigation, the protection of defendants intends to complete study volume within one to two months. According to the interlocutor , in this case, the court will not begin before autumn. The investigative Committee has not limited the lawyers on terms of reference: it was assumed that after may holidays, the head of an investigation team Nikolay Totemic by submitting a petition to the court, but this did not happen, said the source.

Driver for Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov was shot dead on the night of 27 February the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge in the capital, when he returned home from the restaurant, accompanied by Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya. The killer shot him from behind, and then disappeared on the car ZAZ Chance.

Less than a week, five persons were detained: the fighter of the Chechen battalion “Sever” Zaur Dadayev, his distant relatives — brothers Anzor Gubashev and Shadid, as well as their friends Temirlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat.

According to the investigation, Dadaev was the killer, Anzor Gubashev took his car from the scene. And three of the other defendants in the case acted as accomplices — watched Nemtsov. After the crime, according to investigators, the Bahai accused hid in his house.

Initially, almost all of them confessed. Later Dada and the other defendants refused confession and said he had given it under torture.

In their first testimony Dadaev said that to organize the crime he was helped by a Chechen named Rusik: provided guns, a car, promised to pay 5 million rubles. From the testimony of another accused, eskerhanova, it followed that the car is the same brand used Dadaeva colleague — the Deputy commander of the battalion “North” interior Ministry troops of Ruslan Eremeev.

In the fall of 2015 the investigators declared wanted personal driver Eremeeva — Ruslan muhutdinova. Most Eremeeva no charges, although lawyers for the family Nemtsov called the organizer of the crime and has asked repeatedly to bring him to justice.

Bach and his lawyer are among the first announced the availability of an alibi the defendant: at the time of the murder he was allegedly visiting his girlfriend. The defense also insists that the sight of male investigators was only due to the fact that he lived in the same house with the brothers Gubarevym.