Russia caught up with Kazakhstan on the size of salaries

Fixed the drop in the level of wages in Russia has led to the fact that at the end of last year, Russia on this indicator was at the level of Belarus and Kazakhstan, in previous years, estimated by experts of the Higher school of Economics (HSE) in the may Monitoring of socio-economic status and social well-being of the population. Calculated on the basis of exchange rates of wages in Russia last year amounted to $558, which is below the level of 2014 more than a third — 34%. For comparison, in Kazakhstan and Belarus are calculated in a similar way the average wage was $549 and $415, respectively.

From 2011 to 2015 Russia was characterized by the high level of wages, but in 2014 relative to 2013 wages in Russia fell by almost 10% from $936 to $847. The HSE experts note that the gap between Russia and some CIS countries is gradually decreasing. Wages in Armenia in 2008 stood at about 52% of Russian level in 2015, and by the end of the period under review has increased to 60%, over the same period, Belarus has gone from 61% to 75%, Tajikistan — from 17% to 26%. However, over the same period worsened the relative position of Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

If you compare the wages in Russia and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where the average level of wages over the past five years has surpassed the Russian in 2015. So, the average salary in Russia last year amounted to 60% of wages in Hungary and 50% of the level of wages in the Czech Republic. Thus, in 2015 Russia approached the level of wages of Bulgaria in 2013-2014.

Dynamics of average monthly wages in Russia, Brazil and China over the past five years shows that last year wage in Brazil was higher than in Russia. Despite the fact that now the data on wages in China for 2015 not published, the level of salaries in Russia in 2015, was below the figures for China for 2012, 2013 and 2014, indicating that the gradual reduction of the gap in the indicator between the two countries.

Last week on the fall of the average wage in Russia is below the level of China also stated in the savings Bank. Chief analyst of Sberbank Mikhail Matovnikov gave evidence that the pay of the Russians fell below $450 per month, which is below the level of China, Poland, Serbia and Romania.