“The GRU soldiers” refused to ask Poroshenko about the pardon

Russians Aleksandr Erofeev and Evgeny Aleksandrov, which Ukraine considered the “GRU soldiers”, and their lawyers won’t apply for pardon. About it “RIA Novosti” said the lawyer Erofeev Oksana Sokolovsky.

“Due to the fact that we — and convicted, and protection — do not believe the verdict lawful and reasonable, we do not agree with this sentence, to refer the petition of the convicted and the defense will not be”, — said the lawyer.

Sokolovsky reminded that to seek a pardon can and the other person. According entered may 14 changes in the procedure of pardon in Ukraine, this right are defenders, spouses, children and other family members of the convicted person. To petition for a pardon may Parliament Commissioner for human rights.

Earlier, the lawyers “GRU soldiers” reported that Moscow and Kiev have reached an agreement involving the exchange of prisoners through the procedure of pardon by two presidents. We are talking about Erofeeva and Aleksandrov convicted in Ukraine, and condemned Russia Hope Savchenko.

On the eve Sokolovsky said that “the petition for pardon of citizens of the Russian Federation to the President of Ukraine” will be filed “soon”. This is due to the fact that on the eve of the verdict against the Russians in force.

“We discussed this option (filing petition for pardon. —) Sokolovsky during sentencing, then they were against it. Perhaps the decision was revised in order not to delay the process of the return of Russians”, — said the lawyer Savchenko Ilya Novikov. While Valentin Rybin, attorney Alexandrov, emphasized in conversation with themselves “soldiers of the GRU” a pardon will not write. It is reasonable to say that this move serves the defence, said the lawyer.

Erofeev and Alexandria were recognized as the Goloseevsky court of Kiev found guilty of conducting terrorist activities on the territory of Ukraine and sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. In Kiev, they believe the Russian military. In Moscow repeatedly declared that at the time of visit to Ukraine the two Russians already retired from the Armed forces.