The Russians were among the objectives of the Brussels terrorists

Belgian police conducted an investigative experiment with the terrorist Mohammed Abrin — the only survivor of the organizers of the terrorist attacks in Brussels on 22 March. During the reconstruction of events, Abrin told investigators about the last hours and minutes of life before the suicide attack, according to Derniere heure.

According to Abrin, explosive devices the terrorists made March 20 on the street max Rosa in the Brussels commune Skarbek. The next day, according to him, they sat on the Internet and playing Xbox. Abrin said that they played PlayStation 4.

On Monday evening, March 21, the three intruders ordered a taxi and arrived at the airport of Brussels to prepare for the attack, in particular, to choose reception Desk, which will be made explosion. The choice fell on three racks, which were recorded flights to Russia, USA and Israel, said Abrin.

Then, according to him, all three of them went to the bakery and Délifrance had coffee. Later Najim, Laasri and Brahim al-Basrawi blew himself up, and Abrin, which was later called “man in the hat, threw down his backpack and fled.

Abrin was detained on 8 April. The Prosecutor later stated that he and the suspect in the Paris attacks abdeslem Salah has rented an apartment, which used suicide bombers in Paris. In addition, Abrin prints and his DNA were found in two apartments in Brussels, including the one where the terrorists had booked a taxi to the airport.

The attacks in Brussels occurred on the morning of March 22, 2016. First two explosions occurred at the Brussels airport, and later another one at the metro station “Maelbeek”. Police believe a bomb in the subway blew up brother Brahim al-Basrawi — Khalid. The victims were more than 30 people. The responsibility was claimed by banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.