Deprived of the license the Bank returned all the creditors 1.3 billion rubles.

The money was found at all

Bank of settlements and savings (Bris, 322-th place by assets) lost its license on August 3, 2015, and by 20 may 2016, paid off almost all creditors. Under consideration at the Agency for Deposit insurance were only 2 bids in the amount of 51 thousand rubles., which came in the last days, and it will also be calculated in the coming days, said the press service of the DIA.

The total amount of payments to creditors amounted to 1.3 billion rubles, said the press service of the Agency. On the balance sheet assets of the Bank, excluding reserves amounted to 3.6 billion rubles, after inventory, they decreased by 1.3 billion rubles. Thus the real assets of the Bank was 2.3 bn Initially, the Bank’s liabilities amounted to 2.45 billion rubles, but their volume decreased after netting claims of the creditors who took in the same Bank loans.

Means for reckoning with the creditors has received from the listing of required reserves, the return of funds from accounts in banks-correspondents, as well as the repayment of loans, said in response to ASV. As of may 1, the total amount of funds in the bankruptcy estate accounted for 1.2 billion rubles

The Agency has paid to creditors of the first stage (ASV, the Central Bank and the insured deposits of citizens and individual entrepreneurs) 224 mln RUB. of the Creditors of the second line at the Bank was not. And the third priority creditors of the company and the holders of securities of the Bank received 1.1 billion rubles, follows from the response of ASV.

The remaining funds will be transferred to the shareholders of Bris. As of June 2015, the main beneficiaries of the Bank were Kirill Yurovsky, and Alexander Ostrovsky — each had a 50% stake in the Bank.

Unusual case

The Bank has paid off all creditors, it is rare for the banking system, says head of Bank ratings Agency ACRES Kirill Lukashuk. “Among these banks — the most striking examples is “My Bank”, Банк24.<url> and Svyaznoy, which until the revocation of the licence has reduced the amount of uninsured liabilities to creditors,” says Lukashuk. According to him, the decision to pay could be associated with the desire to avoid reputational risks and increased informal personal obligations to private creditors. Analyst at the National rating Agency (formerly ratingvalue Bank) Karina Artemyev said that, perhaps, this decision influenced the legal risks that may follow after the revocation of the license of the Bank.

As the reason for the revocation of the Bris, the Central Bank called the Bank involvement in questionable conduct operations on withdrawal abroad in large volumes.

At the end of 2014, the shareholder who lost the license of “My Bank” Gleb Fetisov moved RUB 14.2 billion for the repayment of obligations to creditors. Also with their customers paid Банк24.<url>, which the Central Bank revoked the license for conducting dubious operations. After the revocation of the license of the Bank his competition weight was full due to the return of interbank loans to counterparties — the banks of the group “life”.

In 2015, the Bank lenders received an average of 46.4% of their claims.