In Russia arrested property eks-the banker Motylev

In Russia arrested property eks-the banker Motylev

Moscow. May 24. Basmanny district court of Moscow arrested in Russia property and assets reside abroad former banker Anatoly Motylev. The occasion was the investigation of the criminal case about swindle in especially large size, which leads to SKR. About it writes on Tuesday “Kommersant”.

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As the newspaper notes, Motylev personally appealed the sanctions, and the appeals instance of the Moscow city court went to meet him, clearing the arrest with a small part of the property of the financier.

Search warrant and seizure in apartments and houses owned by the former owner of Bank “the Russian credit” Motylev Basmanny district court of Moscow issued in February and March 2016. This occurred, according to sources, in the framework instituted in December 2015 TFR criminal case on “fraud in especially large size”, the defendant was, in particular, Motylev.

The sources of Kommersant, close to the investigation say that this criminal case is about fraud from 1.25 billion RUB in one controlled, according to the TFR, Motyleva financial institutions – mutually exclusive (M-Bank). The investigators believe that these funds were transferred from the accounts of the companies actually operating in M-Bank one-day firms, cashed and stolen. According to investigators, the withdrawal of assets from the M-Bank, as stated in the case materials, was carried out in the interests of ultimate owner and some not installed.

Formally Motylev was the beneficiary of the Bank “Russian credit”, included in the top 50. However, the newspaper notes, he also was considered the owner of three banks – “the Tula industrialist”, SBA-Bank and M-Bank. The revocation of the licences of those credit institutions in July last year was at that time the largest insured event in the history of the DIA, as the volume of deposits of these banks amounted to nearly RUB 80 billion Shortfall in their capital, according to the interim administration, made 75,7 billion rubles.