The Eurozone Ministers agreed on the allocation of Greece 10.3 billion euros

As reported by Reuters, at a meeting in Brussels, Finance Ministers of the Eurozone countries acknowledged the fact that Greece under Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras held the necessary tax reform and virtually agreed on the allocation of two additional tranches for a total amount of 10.3 billion euros. In June, the country may to 7.8 billion euros, and then another 2.5 billion euros.

The final decision will be made within one or two weeks.

In addition, the European Ministers agreed to discuss the reduction of the debt burden of Greece. This will allow the IMF to resume financial aid to the country.

According to the head of the Eurogroup of Gerona dijsselbloem of the negotiations meant a new phase in attempts to stabilize the financial system of Greece. As noted Dutch politician, in the negotiation process returned a sense of mutual trust.

The Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos was optimistic about the outcome of the talks, describing them as an opportunity for his country to break the vicious circle of problems.

At the beginning of 2016 the public debt of Greece amounted to € € 321.3 PSM billion, or almost 180% of GDP, more than half of the debt was loans from European countries. As reported by the Greek newspaper “Kathimerini”, according to analysts ‘ estimates, Greece needs to repay with the beginning of the year to the end of July more than €5 billion, the principal amount of payments was €3.7 billion — is in July.