The Ministry of economic development said the risks of bubbles in financial markets

The Ministry of economic development shares the concerns of the Bank of Russia about a possible bubble in financial markets because of the surplus liquidity. This was on the sidelines of the Astana economic forum said the Deputy head of the Ministry Alexei Vedev.

“Without a doubt, Yes. There are risks,” — said Vedev (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). In his words, stabilize the situation, would issue Federal bonds.

According to Ministry estimates, in the banking sector there is already a surplus of liquidity. Vedev explained that its further increase depends on interest rates and economic activity. “In the case of revival of economic activities, investment activity, the surplus can be fixed at a low level,” — said Deputy economic development Minister.

However, according to medeva, currently in office believe that excess liquidity will grow. This, explained the official, due to the fact that lending and legal persons, and natural persons is stagnating. “Therefore, the surplus of liquidity, it is objectively there”, he concluded.

Informed about the threat of bubbles in markets, warned in the Central Bank. “In the conditions of surplus liquidity cannot totally eliminate the risk of formation of bubbles in selected markets, as happened, for example, in the period up to 2011”, — said in April, the first Deputy Chairman of the regulator Ksenia Yudaeva. She stressed that the Central Bank intends to closely monitor this situation and if the need to apply macroprudential policies.