The police applied force against the opponents trump in new Mexico

As reported by broadcaster CNN, the opponents trump in new Mexico tried to break through a police cordon near the building where the presidential candidate from the Republican party was holding a meeting with voters. They threw in policemen stones and bottles, and burned the t-shirt with the image of trump.

Edition of the Albuquerque Journal says that in response, police used tear gas, however, the local Department denied this information. Not confirmed and there is evidence that in the crowd shots were fired.

However, law enforcement officials managed to prevent the storming of the building and to push the protesters to the metal barrier.

Several people were arrested, but the arrests were not discussed. It is reported that on a scene there arrived special forces and mounted police.

It is noted that near the building were supporters of the trump, and the police failed to prevent several fights between them and opponents of a presidential candidate.

Events in Albuquerque occurred on the background of the next primaries in Washington state, where trump has secured the support of 76% of voters and got all 27 delegates from the state to the Republican national Convention in Cleveland, according to Politico.