Vice-speaker of Parliament has revealed details of the transfer Savchenko

Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko has published photos taken during the transfer of Hope Savchenko to the Ukrainian side, as well as during the flight from Rostov-on-don to Kiev. Photos posted in Facebook Deputy.

She noted that this day was preceded by dozens of meetings with the President, hundreds of grueling international meetings, where he repeated the same name — Nadia.”

According to her, the operation was prepared for several months, and the Ukrainian side was waiting for Russia’s response on the procedure for the transfer. Gerashchenko claims that the other party “took a break”. She admitted that even today, when Savchenko began to tell the media “we are very worried that the operation is not broke”.

The MP said that today was “almost a detective day”. Air force one flew over Savchenko at 06:30 GMT. Were in the plane and Gerashchenko, presidential press Secretary Svyatoslav Tsigalko had no right to get off the ladder, and the operation was led by the head of the SBU.

“Under the agreement, the Hope was to go on a plane in a minute when on Board the Russian plane that landed in Kyiv, has risen two Russian fighter GRU”, – wrote Gerashchenko.

According to her, came to the airport two cars without license plates. “Suddenly we have with the Holy [Tsigalko] start end off the phone: in the Russian media launched information about the plane, release and so on… Everything is delayed. We get nervous. Watching from the open door of an airplane in the eyes of those who in the car”, – writes Gerashchenko.

Soon, however, the movement was resumed, and after Savchenko came out surrounded by ten men in uniform.

Later Savchenko, according to Gerashchenko, said that waiting for departure in the airport from 05:00 GMT. At home she took the “simple belongings”: paper crafts made in the chamber and packages with the letters.

During the flight, Savchenko also went to the cockpit to watch as the plane crosses the border of Ukraine. Altogether it took two hours, said Gerashchenko.