Company daughter Sechin became interested in Turkey production

At the end of September 2015 in Moscow was registered the company “Good people”, the main field of activity connected with the raising of poultry. This company, in turn, owns 40% of LLC “Novgorod the agropark, which is registered in Velikiy Novgorod 4 December 2015 and has the same specialization.

Sole owner and CEO of “Good people” — Inga I. Karimov.

40% “of the Novgorod agricultural Park” belongs is registered in Ufa, OOO “Investment company” (field of activity is financial intermediation, the sole owner — Suresh Fakhretdinov), 20% — to the Moscow negociant, OOO TK (field of activity — the raising of poultry, sole owner — Oleg Chernyavsky). Contact merchant TK in the SPARK database is not specified, according to the Investment company phone no one answered.

In February 2014, the newspaper “Kommersant” wrote that the daughter of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin Inga married to Timerbulat Karimov (now a member of the Board of Directors of Russian copper company), which until February 2014 for two years was Vice-President of VTB. “I can confirm that the companies that were registered on Inga Karimov, really relevant to our family, — said Karimov himself. — It’s just a legal entity, is not filled with assets. But we are considering the possibility of investment in various sectors, including in agriculture. While the decision on the beginning of the investment are not taken, says Karimov.

In the SPARK database no contact numbers of the companies “Good people” and “Novgorod the agropark.

“Novgorod the agropark” is considering the area as a potential location for a major investment project, said the first Deputy head of the Department of economic development of the Novgorod region Marina Elias. According to her, it is about creating a production of Turkey meat: it is planned to produce 30 thousand tons of meat per year in live weight. Now the company is negotiating with the government of the Novgorod region on the provision of in the region of the land, Elias said. The agreement of intent between the company and the government of the region has not yet been signed. Karimov said that to talk about the launch date of the project and the potential investment is premature.

Slaughter weight the volume of production, stated “Novgorod the agropark will be about 22 thousand tons, says the President of consulting company Agrifood Strategies albert Davleev. If these performance indicators were now, she could enter the three largest producers of turkeys in Russia. For comparison, in 2015 the volume of production the largest player in this market, the group “Evrodon” Vadim Vaneeva, were as follows (in slaughter weight) 38 tons of the Second in terms of production — the company “Damate” with a volume of about 34.7 million tonnes, Bashkir poultry complex named after Gafuri has produced in the last year, 28 thousand tons, the company “Krasnobor” — 18 thousand tons.

Investment in the project aimed at manufacturing 30 thousand tons of Turkey, will be at least €160 million, the payback period of such project shall be not less than eight to ten years, commented Vadim Vaneev. “Now build later, even a year ago it was too late. To build can do everything, the question is — where are you going to sell?” — he commented. The market for products produced in the Novgorod region may become the North-West Federal district — St.-Petersburg and Leningrad oblast, the local manufacturers are producing there are no more than 5-6 thousand tons per year, and the market capacity of more than about ten times, do not agree Davleev. BCS analyst Marat Ibragimov said that Turkey production is the only segment of the meat market that is growing, so invest in it is still profitable.

The volume of Turkey production in 2015 in Russia amounted to 149,5 thousand tons in slaughter weight. In 2015, according to the agriculture Ministry, the biggest increase in production of all types of meat showed Turkey: production in 2015, according to the agriculture Ministry increased by 34.9%. In 2016 the volume will increase to 170-180 thousand tons, predicts Davleev.

As a new company is going to Finance the project in the Novgorod region, Karimov says. To contact his wife failed. Informed about investing Inga and Timerbulat Karimov in agribusiness have not been reported. Until September 2015, according to SPARK, by Inga Karimova was not listed shares in any companies. In February 2014, when Karimov dismissed from VTB, Kommersant, citing its own sources reported that the former banker is now going to focus on his own projects and the management of the family assets.

Now Timerbulat Karimov member of the Board of Directors of Russian copper company is the third largest producer of copper in Russia (the main owner of the company is billionaire Igor Altushkin). Karimov is also Chairman of Plyos urban settlement and the founder of the Foundation named after Mustay Karim (engaged in publishing). 11 and 13 may 2016 and Inga Timerbulat registered two of the Foundation’s Traditions and culture” and music “summer festival”.