Gorbachev was denied entry to Ukraine for five years

Ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev denied entry to Ukraine, according to 112.ua citing a source in the security Service of Ukraine.

According to the source “Ukrainian truth”, Gorbachev denied entry for five years.

22 may in an interview with The Sunday Times Gorbachev called Putin’s right decision about the annexation of Crimea.

Former President of the USSR said he would do the same as President Vladimir Putin if you were in a similar situation. “I’m always for the free will of the people, and the majority in the Crimea want to reunite with Russia”, — said Gorbachev.

In Kiev after the statement Gorbachev had made the ban on his entry into the country. The first initiative of the ban was made by the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. “In such cases, the SBU adopts the decision to ban entry to persons who support the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. However, I do not recall that he came in last time,” he said.

Gorbachev himself later said that he was not going to Ukraine. “Well, I do not go there and will not go”, — he said on may 23.

Crimea became part of Russia in the spring of 2014 after a referendum, the majority of which voted for joining the Crimea to Russia. Ukrainian authorities and Western politicians call the Peninsula annexed territory. Moscow claims that the annexation was held in the framework of international law.