Patriarch Kirill called a symptom of bad usage of English words

“Some experts argue that Russian classical literature, its language, characters, values, paradigms incomprehensible to modern students, and therefore useless in the field of communication,” he said speaking at the First Congress of the Society of Russian literature by its Chairman Kirill.

“Another thing is that as a result we have a generation that says using, sorry for the word, I didn’t write it, the “trend”. Trend — the foreign word, the trend — also foreign, but in Latin, ” explained the Patriarch. — Why Latin word “trend” has replaced the English “trend”? Show education? For me it is a very bad sign. So I did not delete this word from your text, wanting to Express their opinion about a completely illogical and unjustified use of foreign words in our modern Russian language”, — said the Patriarch.

The society of Russian literature — public organization set up in 2016 for the study and protection of the Russian language. The Chairman is the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. To create and lead that organization, he was offered the President of Russia Vladimir Putin told the head of the Russian Orthodox Church at the session of the Patriarchal Council for culture in March.

At the First Congress of companies on 16 may, Putin spoke. “The preservation of the Russian language, literature and culture are issues of national security, preservation of their identity in the global world. Russia has experienced fractures traditional indigenous cultural beliefs and always drew strength returning to its spiritual and historical values,” the President said in his opening remarks.

A speech about the study of the Russian language were made by the Congress and the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov.

“In the 10-11th classes of Russian language is now mandatory regardless of the selected profile. I think we all remember that in the Soviet Union in high school Russian language was not taught at all, was instead of the Russian literature”, — said Livanov. In response to the hall rustled. “The noise in the hall shows that in the Soviet school Russian language finished be the end of high school,” he tried to calm hall leading, but in response the audience applauded loudly. “I finished in 84th year, I had literature, wrote an essay,” said the Minister.