The contract for the security of ships Cossacks declared illegal

Not an emergency

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has found irregularities in contracts for the protection of the Metropolitan district courts with a private security organization “Cossack guards”. FAS decision published on the official portal of public procurement.

The office found that the office of the judicial Department in Moscow unlawfully entered into a contract with Choo Cossack guards” in November 2015. The procurement was made without competition, as purchase from a single supplier. By law, such procurement may be carried out only during accidents, emergencies and technological disasters. The customer has justified the refusal to contest the fact that the contract was only needed for two months, but it’s not an emergency, considered in the Department.

FAS decided that the office of the judicial Department, broke the law on the contract system. The audit materials sent to the office for control over the placement of state orders. Management will decide on an administrative offence.

A contract with Choo Cossack guards” (founded by the Cossack army society “Central Cossack army”) was concluded in November 2015. Under the contract, the Cossacks had to guard the ten district courts of Moscow within two months. The contract price amounted to 3.3 million rubles Since January, the Cossacks took under protection all the 35 district courts of the capital. In late January, lawyers of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny appealed to the Prosecutor of Moscow with the requirement to check legality of contract with the Cossacks. The reason for the test, the FAS was the treatment of the party “Yabloko”.

Security guard

Until November last year, the protection of the courts together with judicial police officers engaged in private security MIA. But in November last year, the state Department was reduced by 10% for budget savings. After that a number of vessels under twenty-four-hour protection was taken by the bailiffs. But in may, 10% has been reduced and its staff.

Now all the protection of courts of General jurisdiction plan to transfer FGUP “Protection”, he said at a meeting of the Board of judges on Thursday, the Director of Judicial Department at the Supreme court Alexander Gusev.

According to him, now the Department began to contract with the Federal state unitary enterprise and by July 1 all district courts except the courts of Moscow, should go under around the clock protection for your organization. “Day order will ensure that bailiffs, as now, and in parallel round the clock security will implement and FSUE “Security”, — said Gusev.

FSUE “Protection” — a commercial organization, in the past, subordinated to the Ministry of internal Affairs. After the April reform of the Federal state unitary enterprise together with the special units and private security became part of the national guard (officially Regardie), which was headed by General Viktor Zolotov. Unlike private security, which includes police force, the Federal serve only civilians.

From November 2015 different management of the Department has already signed contracts with FGUP “Protection” the protection of the district and military courts at least in the region 41. Almost all of these contracts have been issued without tender according to the rules of procurement from a single supplier.