The labour Ministry has proposed to extend the “survival” for funded pensions

The Ministry of labour and social protection has proposed to increase for six months term survival, i.e. the time during which paid contributory pension, writes “Kommersant”. In the order of publication was prepared by the Ministry of the draft law “On the expected period of payments of pension in 2017”, which implies that the expected payment period is proposed to increase from the current 234 to 240 months.

“Because the actual expected period of payment of pension significantly — by 21 months exceeds the predetermined maximum value, in order to progressively bring the regulatory period to the actual values is proposed to establish the expected period of payment of pension in the amount of 240 months”, — quotes the press service of the Ministry of labor.

According to calculations of the Ministry of labor, due to the elongation of the repayment period the average size of pension for newly appointed in 2017 may be reduced by 20 rubles compared to the year 2016. The average size of the funded pension at the end of 2015 amounted to 759 RUB.

The explanatory note also provides data that recipients of contributory pensions in appointing her in 2017 can be 870 thousand men and 1.3 million women, in this case the expected duration of life after retirement will be 15.9 and of 25.62, respectively (190 of 307 months and months).