Ukraine’s Ambassador to the US said about the “important role” of Obama to release Savchenko

According to the Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA, the Bar Obama is “very seriously” participated in the international support for the process of returning convicted in Russia of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko to Ukraine.

“President Obama to support the [international} involved very seriously. I can say that the role of the US President was very important. Obviously, it was with the leaders of “Norman Quartet” — Merkel and Hollande,” — said Chaly in the air Hromadske.TV (quoted by

The Ambassador also noted that the United States submitted to Russia a signal, that they had never “not violate those basic principles, the order, which Russia is trying to destroy.”

Chaly noted that the return of Savchenko opens up new possibilities in the fight for the rights of the rights of those who are serving a sentence in Russia.

The day before, after an exchange of Hope Savchenko to the Russian “soldiers Alexandr Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev, President Petro Poroshenko expressed gratitude to President of France Francois Hollande, Barack Obama and EU leaders for the support and for the fact that they supported the sanctions against Russia”.

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, commenting on the transfer of Ukraine Hope Savchenko, said that her release is performing the “important part” of Russia’s obligations under the Minsk agreements.

The edition “Kommersant” referring to sources reported that the final agreement on the exchange was reached during a telephone conversation, “Norman Quartet” — the presidents of Ukraine, Russia and France Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin, Petro Poroshenko, Angela Merkel and françois Hollande took place on the night of 23 may. As reported the press service of the Kremlin, the leaders “channel four” discussed the ways of settlement of crisis in Donbass. That the President of Ukraine in the course of conversation, urged Russia to release Savchenko, later reported by the press service of the Ukrainian leader.