For the year in Russia significantly reduced the number of supporters of the political course

In may 2016, stopped the growth of most indicators of social well-being of Russians, according to a survey by VTSIOM. Citizens of Russia have become more pessimistic assessments of the political course of the country and began more critically to assess the economic situation.

If in may 2015, improving the quality of life expected over a third (35%) of the respondents, in may this year, expectations are shared by only 27% of survey participants.

The course of development of the country as a whole in may 2016 approved by 37% of respondents are dissatisfied with it (21%, 39% partly agree with those and with other opinion.

In may last year, the political course was approved by 49% of respondents dissatisfied was only 12%. The question in both cases was formulated as follows: “How much do you agree or disagree with the fact that things in the country going in the right direction?”.

At the same time grew the number of those who consider the current bad political situation — from 14% to 21%. Positively it is estimated 22% of respondents, while a year ago such a view was held by 31%.

Overall, nearly half of respondents (48%) are satisfied with their life. A year ago in the affirmative to this question answered more than half (52%). The number of those whom their lives are not completely satisfied, for the year increased from 21% to 25%. Since may last year have survived the percentage of respondents who are satisfied with their life in part — 25% of respondents.