Putin spoke about the desire to resume relations with Turkey

Moscow wants to resume relations with Turkey, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We hear [the Turkish side] about the desire to resume the relationship. We also want to get back together. We are not them destroyed. We did everything to for decades to bring the Russian-Turkish relations to an unprecedented level of partnership and friendship. And this friendship between the Russian and the Turkish people — it really has reached a very high level. We love and cherish, — said Putin at a press conference following his visit to Greece.

However, “in addition to desires to get back together need to do something else and to do,” said the Russian President. Moscow is in contact with Ankara and is waiting for “some concrete steps” on her part, but there are none, he explained.

According to Putin, representatives of Russia “and did not think to think” that the Turkish military can strike blow to the Russian plane. “We’re not going to fight in Turkey with the Turkish armed forces — otherwise, we would have acted differently and by other means. I hope this will never come”, — said Putin. He reminded that Moscow had heard the explanations of Ankara on this issue, but have not heard from her apology.

Turkey repeatedly declared its desire to improve relations with Russia. In particular, at the beginning of this week, this was stated by the new Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. According to him, the government will continue efforts to normalize strained relations with Russia through dialogue.

The Turkish air force shot down a Russian su-24 of 24 November last year. The two pilots managed to eject but one of them — Oleg Peshkov was shot from the ground. According to Ankara, bomber violated the border of Syria and Turkey and did not respond to warnings. However, the Russian defense Ministry refutes these data — according to him, the plane, carrying out anti-terrorist mission in Syria, was on the territory of the Arab Republic.