Gref said Sberbank to the shareholders about the “new reality”

“We have lived another very difficult year — the second year of the economic crisis in the country, and in 2015 it has become clear that the trends which were formed in the last decade, began to break,” — said Gref at meeting of shareholders of the state Bank on Friday, may 27. The largest migration crisis in Europe since the Second world war, production returned from China in USA — the global economic landscape is changing, forming the “new reality”, he added.

“The world is becoming digital: the capitalization of the Deutsche Bank, a global Bank with 150 years of history, was in 2 times lower than the capitalization of PayPal, established in 1998. Assets managed by computers without human assistance, in 2015 amounted to $20 billion and, according to Sberbank, had reached $450 billion in 2020,” — gave examples of Gref. New technologies threaten traditional industries, said the head of the state Bank. “GA Aviation print parts for jet engines on a 3D printer. Whether you need traditional production? Aluminum? Titan? Self-driving cars can deprive 10% of working Americans,” he says.

Gref said that economic growth of developing countries slowed down, and capital outflow in 2015 to $735 billion: “prices Fell for raw materials. Crisis? No, a new reality and new opportunities for Russia until the calls”. GDP last year fell by 3.7%, real incomes — by 4.3%, real wages — by 9.3%, inflation was 12.9%, Gref has reminded. In two years the market has left every fourth Bank, the Bank bailout was spent 1 trillion, recapitalization of banks had cost the state 1.8 trillion rubles., and DIA have completely exhausted their funds, he added.

Sberbank in 2015 was not easy, but he managed to achieve very good results, Gref believes. In 2015, Sberbank earned RUB 223 billion in net profit, which is almost 70 billion rubles less than in 2014. The hardest was the first quarter in which profit was 2.5 times lower than in the same period of 2014, said Gref.

“We entered the year with a very high proportion of funds from the Central Bank — about 15% of liabilities. When in December 2014, the Central Bank raised its key interest rate, the cost of these funds rose sharply. And in the course of the year, knowing that the market situation is turbulent and the trend with a high rate of the Central Bank will be lasting, we have set the goal as quickly as possible to return the funds of the Central Bank”, — he explained. During the year, Sberbank returned to the regulator about 3 trillion rubles This helped the Bank to reach targets for profit, said the President of Sberbank: in the fourth quarter of 2015, the savings income was 1.5 times more than in the same period of 2014.

The most important priority for the Bank was the growth of Commission income from acquiring business and Bank cards. The savings Bank knowingly went into a decline in market share in corporate lending to keep the quality of the portfolio: the portfolio will be 2 times better than the market average, said Gref.

In 2015, the shareholders of the savings Bank received a very good income, I’m sure the President of the Bank. “The income on ordinary shares amounted to 86%, preferred 105%. In 2016, we see a continuation of the trend, shares of our Bank updating the historical highs,” he explained. “I think the current situation with sanctions, the difficult macroeconomic situation, which is, it is a very good indicator”, — he concluded.