Putin aide predicted the emergence of “superfluous men” in the reform of pensions

Speaking in a live TV program “Vesti on Saturday”, said that the Pension Fund deficit in the amount of two trillion rubles has a greater load on the budget. To change this situation by increasing tariffs, non-payment of money working pensioners or by raising the retirement age.

“There are simple calculations that show that if we still go back to the path of growth of labour productivity in accordance with the decrees, then we have by 2020 “extra” people will be about a million two hundred thousand, and by 2025 – approximately 3.5 million people,” – said Belousov. According to him, in the case of raising the retirement age, this figure will increase to 10 million. “They have, where will you go?” – asked the official.

Belousov emphasized that when making important decisions, one should consider not only financial implications but also how they affect people’s lives. “Alexei Leonidovich Kudrin is not always in the plan consistent. It is associated largely with the increase in the retirement age. I’ve no secrets do not open,” explained Belousov. He said that he talked with Kudrin and encouraged him to think through the idea of raising the retirement age.

At meeting of Presidium of economic Council with participation of President Vladimir Putin on may 25, the topic about the necessity of raising the retirement age was raised Kudrin. Agreed with him the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, who stressed that to avoid this solution will fail.

In turn, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the same meeting, said that to approach the issue of raising the retirement age should be cautious and phased manner, according to two participants in the meeting.