The data of voters in the primaries PARNASSUS was free

Data of users who voted in the primaries PARNASSUS, appeared in open access due to hacking, according to the website of the party. “Due to unauthorized access to the database was leaked. Urgently recommend to change the password in your mail and accounts in social networks,” — said in a statement.

The causes of the incident are now being investigated, explained in the party. A preliminary vote on the website temporarily suspended.

Sunday morning on the website of PARNASSUS appeared on the news during the second day of voting in the primaries. In it, in particular, made reference to “a backup copy of the election results that drew the attention of the publication “Iodine”. As it turned out, the document, which was read and contain the information about the users who participated in the vote. We are talking about name, email, phone numbers, and IP addresses. There are specified and user passwords.

The leader of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov in his Facebook said that “the attackers broke the code protecting access to the confidential information of the voting system” on the website of the “Wave of change” (and voting). “Technology penetration level to the already encrypted data is very high,” — he stressed. Kasyanov added that the administrators and programmers of the party “clarify all the details of the incident”, and announced that PARNASSUS has announced the “on further action upon completion of the primaries in a few hours. The leader of the PARNAS also apologized to those users whose data were in the public domain.