The WSJ talked about the new “supergun” USA “to deter Russia and China”

Details of the development by the Pentagon of a new weapon, which is a railgun — an electromagnetic rail gun (Electromagnetic railgun), reports the Wall Street Journal.

It is reported that the gun requires no powder, no explosives. It accelerates the projectile through electromagnetic rails, and the speed of the ammunition can reach more than 1.5 km per second. The edition publishes a demonstrative video about a new type of weapon.

“We cannot ignore the fact that Russia has the ability to carry conventional ordnance over long distances. We should be able to counter such salvos”, — leads edition of the words of the first Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark. “Electromagnetic gun and potentially giving us the opportunity to do it,” he added.

According to him, the new weapons “will have tremendous deterrent value. Military engineers agree, noting that the railgun would be useful for the “protection of the Baltic countries from Russia” or “allies against China in the South China sea”.

The development of new weapons faces many technical hurdles, the newspaper notes. In addition, developers will have to weigh and geopolitical risks. “China and Russia see the railgun and other achievements in the area of missile defense as a change in the balance of power in the world”, — the newspaper writes.

The edition with reference to sources in the Ministry noted that the work of the us military over the rail gun has become a hacker attack from Russia and China.

The newspaper also recalls the comments of the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to NATO Alexander Grushko, who said that the technological advances from the United States, including in the field sizemy ABOUT, could undermine strategic stability, which is currently guaranteed by the balance of nuclear Arsenal of Russia and the United States.