Chief negotiator of the Syrian opposition resigned

As informs Agency Reuters, about his decision to resign as head of the delegation of the Syrian moderate opposition in the negotiations with the government of Bashar al-Assad Alloush, said on Sunday evening. He explained that the failure of the peace talks, which were to lead to a political solution and to ease the plight of civilians in areas blocked by the government army.

In the letter, which represents the group “Jaish al-Islam Alloush, sent to journalists, indicated that it was not possible in particular to obtain the release of thousands of prisoners captured by the Assad supporters during military actions and to obtain agreement on the peaceful transfer of power without the participation of the incumbent President of Syria.

The participants of the talks on the Syrian settlement were unable to agree on a new date for talks in Geneva. The opposition explained this radical change in the situation in the conflict zone.

Earlier, one of the leaders of the Syrian opposition Asaad al-zoubi said the TV station Al Hadath that he also intended to refuse to participate in the peace process. His position, he explained that over the past four months in fact, there have been no talks, and Damascus never missed humanitarian assistance to blocked areas by government troops.

At the end of winter the participants of the talks in Syria, facilitated by the UN, the US and Russia agreed on ceasefire since February 27. Since then, both sides have repeatedly accused each other of disrupting the truce.

In turn, Moscow has stressed the fact that in the territories controlled by the opposition are units of the terrorist organization “Dzhebhat an-Nusra front” (banned in Russia) that is not under the ceasefire. However, Moscow has not received, in what areas are militants.

According to the Iranian FARS news Agency, last week the Syrian government army has made significant progress in fighting East of Damascus, where she was able to release some of the suburbs of the capital. While the military claimed that it attacked the terrorists ‘ positions.