Kudrin suggested Putin to reduce tensions in geopolitics

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, during the meeting of the economic Council Presidium Alexei Kudrin told the President that Russia is technologically behind and needs to be integrated into international production chain. For this purpose, according to the head of CSR, it is necessary to reduce geopolitical tensions. Putin in response to Kudrin reminded about the thousands of years of history and declared that the country will not trade sovereignty, let her somewhat behind. The newspaper’s sources stated that Putin in this conversation promised to protect the sovereignty of Russia until the end of his life.

Another source said that the answer to this the President added a conciliatory phrase that is not necessary to increase the tension and to succumb to provocations. However, he expressed confidence that the country will not take foreign business, which is profitable to work in Russia.

Officially, the Kremlin did not comment on the details of her conversation with Putin, Kudrin, indicating that it was a non-public part of the meeting.

The newspaper speculated that Putin may not like the “defeatist attitude” Kudrin. On the other hand, the President in the concept of the former Minister of Finance is satisfied that it implies the preservation of reserves, which provide security.

In turn present at the meeting, the business Ombudsman Boris Titov expressed confidence that after this meeting greatly increased the chances of success from supporters of active stimulation. He explained this by the fact that Putin had not commented on the performances of the participants of such events, and spoke of the need to maintain stability. This time he hardly spoke.