Medvedev banned dangerous driving on the roads

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree about the change, and the rules of the road (SDA) in parts of dangerous driving. He stated this at a meeting with members of the government, reports TASS. According to the head of the government, changes have to discipline those who behave outrageously on the road.

In accordance with the resolution text, which is published on the website of the Cabinet, the ban on dangerous driving augmented p. 27 of the SDA. The document clarifies that dangerous driving is reflected in numerous actions, creating for those who come with the violator in the same direction and at the same rate, the threat to life and damage to vehicles.

Such actions include the failure to give way when changing lanes the vehicle having the privilege of movement; rebuilding in heavy traffic when all lanes are occupied (the exceptions are turns, u-turns, stopping or swerving); failure to observe a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and the failure to comply with a lateral interval; sudden braking (if it is not needed to prevent an accident); obstruction of overtaking.

Dangerous driving in some cases “deprives other road users of the ability to predict the future behavior of the driver and to react to it in order to avoid the creation of an emergency,” reads the note to the resolution. As noted in the document, it is particularly dangerous to traffic “exactly as a result of an set of these actions of the driver occurring in a relatively short period of time.”

The penalty for dangerous driving may be more than 5 thousand rubles, said at a meeting with members of the government Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. He noted, however, that the amount of the fine you must work with the expert community and citizens.

“Previously we talked about the fact that this penalty should be about 5 thousand rubles., but all the discussions in the last two months indicate that all of such examples should provide a higher penalty,” — said Shuvalov.

Earlier in may, the Internet has earned a site “Openevidence.of the Russian Federation”, containing a video library with examples of dangerous behavior. Live there are called according to the type of dangerous driving: “checkers” — multiple rebuild, “nervate” — cutting when rebuilding, the “bustler” — failure to a safe distance, “the garden” — failure to comply with a lateral interval, “educators” — sudden braking in front of another car and “hard-nosed” obstruction of the overtaking, which is classified as “hard-nosed”.