Putin complained a resident of Chechnya Kadyrov apologized to

The inhabitant of the Chechen village of Kenkhi Ramazan zalaldinov of previously recorded video address to Vladimir Putin apologized to Ramzan Kadyrov for that. “I apologize to Ramzan Kadyrov. It was my mistake, for which I am ashamed,” he said in the appeal that showed the TV channel “Grozny” (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to Zalaldinov, he plans with his family to live in to Kyunghee. The appeal States that a Chechen couple of days tried to contact HR, which appealed to the Dagestani religious leader Khasmagomed Abubakarova, friend of Akhmat-Hadji Kadyrov.

Zalaldinov already returned to Chechnya, he will be home on Tuesday, said the Agency in the administration of Kenkhi. “He will provide all necessary assistance in the repair and restoration of the house”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

A resident of Kenkhi complained to the Chechen authorities in a video message to President Vladimir Putin. He talked about the delayed salaries of local teachers and showed the destruction in the village. According to him, the town is in a dilapidated condition after the war and floods. Complaints to local authorities not helping, he said.

Later, the media reported about the visit of Kadyrov to Kyunghee. He instructed for three months to repair roads and tower complexes, to spend gas and build a mosque in the district. According to the “Caucasian knot”, to talk with Kadyrov wanted few supporters Zalaldinov, however, they were not allowed to meet.

Then the newspaper “Chernovik” reported that the house Zalaldinov burned, however, Kadyrov called these statements false. “According to operational data, Zalaldinov brought his family and imitated the arson of the home. Experience to cross the law allows it”, — he stressed.

May 20 in front of Putin apologized countrymen Zalaldinov. They signed a statement in which Zalaldinov was called an “ignorant person” who “lived his life contrary to the interests of their fellow villagers and makes statements that “permanently undermined the credibility of his relatives, adhering to the traditions and customs of the mountain peoples”.