The chamber has found lying in the banks for months without moving money

The chamber considers that, overall, the recapitalization of the banking sector has yielded positive results, “but not that scale, which is expected.” On Monday, may 30, said the head of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova, speaking in the Duma for the consideration of the annual report of the Central Bank in 2015.

Golikova noted that the funds allocated for the recapitalization, were a few months without movement. “The first recapitalization took place three months after the decision and the funds spent on recapitalization, lay the first half of the year with no movement”, — said Golikova.

“The capital increase does not reverse the negative trends in the development of the banks, which it received. On the one hand they have allowed the banks to increase the level of own funds. But the other side 19 of the 24 banks that were capitalized on 1 January indicators adequacy ratios decreased. In the first quarter of the adequacy decreased from 8 to credit institutions, she added.

According to government plans, the main purpose of the recapitalization was to increase the level of lending to priority sectors of the economy, however, the test showed that the banks set the terms and conditions are General, Golikova said. “Banks are not set specific conditions and they are mostly issued short-term loans,” she added.

In response to criticism Golikova, the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that there were indeed goals to support short term lending companies and lending for working capital. “On how these funds are used, as observed targets that have been set, we will watch with ASV,” she said.

In July last year the audit chamber has summed up the results of capitalization of banks through Federal loan bonds. The report of the accounting chamber stated that Sovcombank (first reporting Bank) increased lending to priority sectors by an average of 12%, primarily due to loans for the construction, as well as small and medium businesses. At the same time, crediting of subjects of the Russian Federation has increased by almost 1000% (11 — fold, from 900 million to 9.7 billion roubles, said the accounts chamber and expressed dissatisfaction with this fact.

“The program was originally designed to help banks and to ensure that they could lend to the real sector, and not the subjects of the Federation. We believe that this fact was worth mentioning to further keep a balance,” said auditor of the accounts chamber Andrey Percan. In addition, many regions are still experiencing difficulties. Therefore, most likely, means will go on repayment of debts, and not lending to the real sector. But the chamber, as noted by the auditor, does not consider the Bank’s actions a violation, and merely drew attention to this fact, to further balance was observed.