The Commission in St. Petersburg recommended to name the bridge the honor of Akhmat Kadyrov

The toponymic Commission of St. Petersburg has recommended to the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko called the name of the first President of Chechnya Akhmad Kadyrov nameless bridge across the Duderhof canal, passes “Fontanka”.

The decision was taken in a secret ballot. In support of calling the object in honor of Kadyrov, was made by the nine Commission members, six voted against and two abstained. During the meeting, the St. Petersburg Deputy Maxim Reznik, suggested to postpone the vote and discuss the issue with experts, it was supported by nine persons, but at the last moment a member of the Commission Galina Nikitenko said that he had voted “under pressure”.

Some members of the Toponymic Commission has previously stated that they repeatedly called to the Smolny to ask them to speak in support of giving the bridge a name of Kadyrov. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Commission Andrey Zonin, he was called to the head of the cultural Committee Konstantin Sukhenko and Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov, but he refused the visit. That among experts “there really is [campaigning] work”, also complained to the Commission included local historian Andrey Ryzhkov.

However, some other members of the Commission have not confirmed the information about the campaign. So, the former Vice-Governor Vladimir Yakovlev said that he was not asked to vote for the initiative, but he himself was not going to go to vote. However, according to “Fontanka”, some members said that can get out of it after talking with the Vice-Governor.

As reported TASS, the initiative to name the bridge in the name of Kadyrov, made public organization “Mercy”, “Nevskie Berega” and the sports movement “a Strong Russia”. The first attempt to consider the question was made by the Toponymic Commission a week ago, then the experts spoke against the measure. Formerly the St. Petersburg Deputy Vitaly Milonov has proposed to name the name of Kadyrov one of the streets. Endako Poltavchenko objected to this, stressing that can name a street in honor of a person only if he was associated with the city. However, he instructed the Committee on culture to study the possibility to call the name of Kadyrov, one of the objects in St. Petersburg.

The Commission, headed by Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov, consists of 24 people. The solution, according to “Interfax”, the Commission adopted by a majority of votes for a quorum requires the presence of more than half of the members.