The Turkish authorities have predicted a quick restoration of relations with Russia

Between Russia and Turkey there are no unsolvable problems, said Deputy Prime Minister of the country Numen Kurtulmus at a press conference on Monday, may 30. He added that, in his opinion, relations with Russia will be restored “after a short time”, reports Reuters.

According to Turkish policy, no country can afford to sacrifice relations with the other.

Relations between Russia and Turkey worsened after Turkish air force in November last year shot down a Russian su-24 bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border. Moscow in retaliation has imposed on Ankara, a number of economic constraints.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that a condition of resuming cooperation with Turkey are the recognition by Ankara of responsibility and request for apology for the downed Russian plane. So, at a press conference on 27 may, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia wants to restore relations with Turkey, but Ankara has not made for that “concrete steps”.

“We hear [the Turkish side] about the desire to resume the relationship. We also want to get back together. We are not them destroyed,” — said Putin. However, “in addition to desires to get back together need to do something else and to do,” noted the Russian President. Moscow is in contact with Ankara and is waiting for “some concrete steps” on her part, but there are none, he explained.

Earlier, at the end of may, for the establishment of relations with Russia and expressed the new Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim. According to him, the government will continue efforts to normalize strained relations with Russia through dialogue.